As of April 2021, we have transitioned to a new drop shipping business model, and now orders are printed and shipped by iprintfromhome.com.

If you would like to read more about this change, here is a link to an article outlining all the changes. Some sections of this FAQ will feature language from iprintfromhome.

Print Quality
All prints are gallery quality, made with archival inks.

What is the difference between lustre and matte paper? 
The lustre paper is lighter weight and has a semi-gloss finish. The matte paper is a medium weight and has a matte finish. The lustre finish typically allows for a marginally sharper image with slightly deeper colors, but both are of comparable, high quality. Which paper you prefer is generally a matter of personal preference.

Why do the matte prints cost more?
People may assume that the higher price of the matte means a higher quality print. However, the answer actually has to do with production costs.

The printing process used on the lustre prints is more optimized and quicker to produce. Matte prints require a more hands-on set up that is reflected in the price.

Shipping Time
For orders in the United States, please allow 1-2 weeks from order to delivery. Under normal circumstances, it would be quicker than that, but the postal system has been slowed down by the pandemic. You will receive a tracking number via email once your order has shipped.

It is also important to note that lustre prints are quicker to produce and generally have a quicker turnaround time than matte prints. For lustre prints, you will generally receive a tracking number in 1-2 business days. For matte prints, you will generally receive a tracking number in 3-4 business days. 

My order arrived damaged. Will you replace it? 
Yes–while we package everything as safely as possible, on rare occasions, a package might get damaged in transit. In the event this happens, please email photos of the damage to hometownicon(at)gmail(dot)com and we will mail you a replacement at no extra charge.

Do you accept returns?
Unfortunately due to the on-demand nature of our operation, we cannot accept returns. All orders are final.

Do you have any recommendations for framing?
Two options we have personally used are Art To Frames and Level Frames (note: Art To Frames tends to cost less if price is a concern). Since most prints have a white margin around them, you won't need a mat (unless you prefer one). 

There is a print I saw online that is not currently available in the store.
If you have a request for a pre-existing print that is no longer available, reach out to us via email and we will see if there is something we can do. We do not take requests for future prints. 

Are you affiliated with any teams or athletes?
No, we are not affiliated nor endorsed by any organizations or public figures.

We make original art. It is not our intention to infringe on any existing intellectual property. If you feel a piece of art is infringing on your IP, please reach out to us via email and we will remove the piece from the site.